Mobile Beer Canning

We provide the equipment, material, personnel and expertise to get your product into cans in the most hassle free and cost effective way possible. We come in with our equipment, and leave you with packaged product at the end of the day. We offer competitive lead times for beer canning.


Here are some FAQ about our West Coast craft canning services: 

how seriously do you take Quality Control? 

Quality Control

Quality control is an extremely important subject that we take very seriously. We maintain a rigorous cleaning regime before and after each canning run, along with regularly scheduled cleaning everyday at the shop. Our ATP Meter and  Super Swabs from Hygiena ensure us and our customers that the equipment and cans themselves are sanitized and ready for your product. With Dissolved Oxygen being a growing concern in the craft community, we’ve made sure to include the OxyQC meter and can piercer from Anton Paar in our arsenal to maintain peace of mind for our customers and records for ourselves.

Shrink Sleeving

Differentiate Your Product

From Label Planning to Tubing

No matter where you are currently at with packaging of your product, Mile 37 can help you label your cans – from planning to execution!

Because we work closely with multiple providers, we are proud to offer many unique labelling options and processes, e.g., special effects, raised finishes, holographic, higher quality & a variety of thicknesses that are not available elsewhere! 

We help you add a whole new dimension to your branding. 


In our Tripack 6 ft. Steam tunnel, we can shrink sleeve different sizes of cans & bottles: 335mL and 473mL cans, as well as 650 mL and 750 ml bottles. We offer competitive lead times for shrink sleeving.

Inline Pressure Sensitive Labelling

If you have sticker labels we can get your beer labelled in a fraction of the time. Sticker label your beer right off the canning line! 


  • Paktech rings in 4 or 6 packs
  • Cardboard Trays
  • Cans in 355 or 473 with lids