We are a family-owned & operated company with an endless love for the amazing craft beer industry, and a huge affinity for craft beverages.  

The name Mile 37 comes from a place near and dear to us, which we happened upon while getting lost in the mountains one day looking for a recommended place to camp.

Because the mile signs had been removed, we were led beyond where we intended on stopping. Upon circling back we came to a bridge, which led us to the most beautiful and picturesque piece of British Columbia we’d ever seen. Snow-capped mountains, glacier views, giant rushing river, trees a plenty, and no one around for miles! We later did the math and found out we were at Mile 37, down an old logging road. Since that day, we’ve brought only our closest friends and family to share in our experiences.

The significance to our business: we intend on always going the extra mile, pushing ourselves beyond where we think we can go. We’ve learned that when you do, you never know what extraordinary vision you may find around the next bend! 

We started this company because of passion for the craft beer industry. We love our job, we serve our clients to the best of our ability and we are excited to do it. We have an endless flow of ideas to improve services and make packaging easier for breweries because of our passion.